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Expanding Breakfast

The benefits children receive from eating a nutritious breakfast are numerous and well-documented. However, many children don't eat breakfast at home and even if breakfast is offered in the cafeteria, many don't participate. They are too busy socializing, or affected by the potential social stigma that the program is meant for low income students. Capture those breakfast skippers from all socio-economic levels, by Expanding Breakfast outside of the cafeteria! It's an effective way to implement your wellness policy.

  • Breakfast in the Classroom — the most popular serving option, students eat breakfast in their classroom either at the beginning of the school day or early during the day. Often breakfast is brought to classrooms from the cafeteria by students, or served from carts in the hallways by school nutrition staff.
  • Grab 'n' Go Breakfast / Breakfast on the Bus — All the components of school breakfast are conveniently packaged so students can easily grab a reimbursable meal quickly, either from the cafeteria line or from carts elsewhere on school grounds. Students can eat in the cafeteria, the classroom or elsewhere on school grounds. Due to consolidation, the amount of time students spend on the bus has increased. Some districts are providing a Grab 'n' Go type breakfast for students to enjoy on the bus.
  • Breakfast After 1st Period or "Second Chance Breakfast" — Usually implemented in middle and high schools, students are allowed time to get breakfast after 1st period, either in the cafeteria or from carts in the hallway.

Learn About the Expanding Breakfast Program

NEW FRAC School Breakfast Scorecard 2009 Key Findings

The FRAC (Food Research and Action Center) School Breakfast Scorecard reported that school breakfast participation continues to rise, but did not grow fast enough to meet the urgent need of eligible, low-income children to receive a healthy breakfast every day. Get the details, along with the school breakfast program policy recommendations for Child Nutrition Reauthorization.

The Expanding Breakfast Program Video

This 10-minute video provides a wonderful visual overview of the Expanding Breakfast Program. Use it to begin your process of developing an Expanding Breakfast Program or as a presentation tool. Order the kit through the SNA Emporium.

Expanding Breakfast FAQ's

Find the answers to many of the questions you may have about Expanding Breakfast outside the cafeteria!

Research Proves Breakfast's Positive Impact

Read the key breakfast studies which supply the proof that eating breakfast yields better student test scores, increases concentration and attendance, decreases disciplinary problems and more.

Expanding Breakfast Program Tools

When you are in the process of planning or have decided to implement an Expanding Breakfast program, communication is key. Here are tools to help you.

Expanding Breakfast Video

One of the most effective tools that have been created for use with all audiences is the Expanding Breakfast Video, available for just $10.00. Order it through SNA's Emporium by calling 800-728-0728, or click here to order online.

Expanding Breakfast Fact Sheets

Here are fact sheets to tell the various target audiences, that you will need to get on board, about your Expanding Breakfast program. Use them as they are, or as a guide to develop your own.

Backpack Brochure to Give School Breakfast A Boost!

Parents consistently look to their children's backpacks for information. So, send home the "Partners in Nutrition: School Breakfast — Fast and Healthy Food for Thought!" backpack brochure, developed by National Dairy Council and the Child Nutrition Foundation, and let them know about the importance of Expanding Breakfast and eating breakfast at school.

Expanding Breakfast Champion Success Stories

Get motivated to try Expanding Breakfast in your district by reading Champion Success Stories featuring districts that have implemented Breakfast in the Classroom, Grab 'n' Go Breakfast or Breakfast After 1st Period.