Nutrition Education Resources

Make It Breakfast First!

Breakfast builds better bodies, provides fuel for school and boosts brain power! Research shows that when kids eat breakfast:

  • They are more likely to get the nutrients they need to get through the morning.
  • They have higher test scores, miss less school and are tardy less often.
  • It's easier for them to focus, concentrate, solve problems and learn.
  • Its easier for them to behave in the classroom.

Four Tips for Making Breakfast a Habit

A nutritious breakfast provides one-fourth of a child's daily nutrient needs. Children who skip breakfast seldom make up for the nutrients they missed out on later in the day. Make breakfast part of your household's morning routine by following these four steps:

1. Be a role model. If you want your child to eat breakfast, eat breakfast yourself!

2. Keep breakfast foods on hand.
Have at least two easy-to-serve items from each food group. For more information check out our Breakfast in a Hurry Chart.

3. Make it easy.
Keep breakfast foods highly visible and in convenient spots for kids to grab. For a portable breakfast, use our handy chart to mix and match ingredients for nutritious breakfast sandwiches.

4. Try School Breakfast.
If kids don't have time to eat at home or aren't hungry when they leave in the morning, encourage them to eat School Breakfast.

Moms Move at Super Speed
A nationwide "Hectic Breakfast Survey" found that mothers are superheroes every morning! According to the survey, moms average a staggering 6.3 different tasks within an average breakfast period of 9.3 minutes. In addition to making breakfast:

  • 75 percent of moms help with backpacks and school books
  • 62 percent help with hair brushing
  • 48 percent help with packing lunches

Even on the busiest days, stress the importance of breakfast so that children establish the habit of fueling up in the morning.