The Playbook: Physical Activity

100 Mile Club®

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100 Mile Club® delivers high-quality physical activity in a fun way! Developed in collaboration with ChildObesity180, the Play challenges students with a simple goal: walk, jog or run 100 miles at school in a single school year to improve their health and well-being.

Community Playtime - It's Good for Everyone

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Survey peers about physical activity opportunities they would enjoy outside of regular school hours. This Play was developed in collaboration with the Safe Routes to School National Partnership and focuses on active engagement of community - including students' families, local businesses and local sports teams/leagues.

In-Class Physical Activity Breaks

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Add brief, focused, in-class breaks for physical activity. Plan, lead and participate in - as well as ramp up teacher enthusiasm for - physical activity breaks that won't disrupt class. This Play is co-branded with the NFL Play 60 Challenge.

Let's Dance!

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Set up a series of fun dance activities - or start a dance club - at your school. Implement daily activities, weekly or other special events that bring your community together to dance and have fun!

Make Your Case for Quality Physical Education!

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P.E. encourages lifelong fitness! Create an awareness campaign to make sure your school has a quality physical education program—including P.E. every day that works for every student. Using resources from the Presidential Youth Fitness Program, this Play can help you help your school to get there!

Ramp Up for Recess

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Recess isn't just playtime - it's student time. Investigate ways to make recess more engaging and active, while still maintaining the integrity of a "break." Ideas include ways to improve the playground's physical environment as well as its social environment.