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  • Work with your school nurse and other health professionals to come up with a list of possible presenters at your fair. Invite people from the local community to give presentations, set up tables with information about their healthy eating or physical activity offerings and even just to attend to learn more about what you are doing. Some possible guests might be personnel from the local hospital or a local pediatrician, a local celebrity (such as a health news broadcaster) or a local chef.
  • Plan an event that includes time (and space) for presentations; fun activities, such as races or contests that families can do together; and healthy eating food offerings. Form a team and meet with the principal to decide on the best day, time and school location for the event. The fair could have inside and outside activities so people can move around and get the most out of the event.
  • Work with your school nutrition professionals to decide which healthy foods to have at the picnic. Select several fun physical activities that everyone can do together and organize the activities. Solicit parent or student volunteers to “man” the activity stations so everyone can participate and have fun.
  • Contact local businesses and organizations to see if they will donate food, tables or other equipment and resources like prizes for event-winners to help make your fair a success.
  • Consult the Tools and Resources below to find activity ideas, information sheets, sample request letters and more for help in getting the community involved.  
This Play may help you meet the goals of the USDA's HealthierUS School Challenge!

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School and Community Health Fair

we just had a health fair with a fuel up to play 60 booth. this was great in reaching the students because the whole school rotated through the fair. we gave prizes, information and obtained pledges.

We have hosted a similar fair in the past. It takes many months to be successful. We also have a Walk each year for the student body to participate.

With Funds, personalized pedometers will be purchased and distributed in conjunction with our school Health Fair. The Health Fair includes a walk-a-thon on the school track to raise money for a community playground and booths staffed by local professionals such as dentists, doctors and organizations. Nutritious snacks and drinks will be provided free of charge. Additionally we want to purchase new signage for the cafeteria as well healthy eating posters to display around the cafeteria and classrooms.

We will use Funds to purchase materials for student projects and research for our Sustainability Fair in April.

Our Kickoff event was a Fall Fitness Festival. The gym, our track outside, cafeteria, multipurpose room, computer lab and classrooms were used to host the Kickoff. The Kickoff event focused on stations with physical fitness activities and stations with health and wellness topics. The school cafeteria was turned into a “snack attack café,” providing free and nutritious snacks. Physical activity stations included a mile walk, musical chairs, a dance floor, hula hoops, mini golf, two large inflatables (an obstacle course and bounce house) and a special session taught by a physical trainer from the YWCA.

Our Kickoff event was a street fair in the main hallway where all students and staff could participate. The title of the event was “A Healthier School: Fuel Up to Play 60.” We set up tables where students could take the Pledge, receive literature donated by the WIC program on nutrition. Other tables had healthy snacks and computers where students could join the program.

For our Kickoff, we divided the gym into thirds. One area was turned into a computer lab using 18 wireless laptop computers where students had an opportunity to register for Fuel Up to Play 60. Another section was used for a gymnastics/drama performance that illustrated the importance of eating healthy to perform and participate effectively in sports. The other third of the gym was set up into stations: One had a local dance instructor who spoke about the fitness opportunities at her studio; one station was a healthy food choices station; another station had a registered dietitian and the health promotion coordinator from the department of health; another station had a local gymnastics club come in and talk about the importance of being fit and active and what they had to offer at their club. The American Heart Association set up a station and the Fuel Up to Play 60 team presented these materials and guided the students through some worksheets that demonstrated the importance of a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. And finally we had a healthy snack station where students spoke more about Fuel Up to Play 60. The program was started off by showing the students the Fuel Up to Play 60 introductory video.