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  • Create a challenge announcement to send home with students, highlighting the benefits of physical activity and challenging families to see how many activities (repeated or new each time) they can participate in together during a set period of time.
  • Use the Tools and Resources below to create or highlight monthly lists or calendars of activities families can do together.
  • Get permission from the principal at your school to set up a bulletin board highlighting the challenge periods and allowing students to highlight the activities they’re participating in with their families. Have students bring in pictures or write stories about what they do with their families to be physically active.
  • Promote your family challenge program by making posters and flyers and sending home parent information to encourage families to participate and to highlight the benefits of physical activity and family participation.

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Family Fitness Challenge

We held our very first Helotes Community Health Fair. We had 17 vendors/booths who participated for the nutritional/wellness part. I turned my gym into 20 fitness areas and together with their families students went through the stations. We also had our teachers making smoothies, handing out nutrition bars/cheese sticks and yogurt. Our students took the FuelUptoPlay60 pledge and signed a big poster which is now hanging in our gym for everyone to see.

Our favorite Physical Activity Play was our Triple Crown Event. It consisted of 3 runs, students and families can choose a 1 mile fun run/walk or the 5K. One race is sponsored by St. Joseph Berea Hospital, one is sponsored by Patty A. Clay Hospital and the other is sponsored by our school system. We started our walking and running program in September in PE. We challenged our families to participate in all three running events. Our total participation was over 500! We had 30 students who ran in all three events who will receive awards for the Triple Crown!

Our committee recently implemented a Fitness Bingo Challenge for our students and their families. Some of the challenges include family participation such as: Plan 5 days of healthy dinner menus with your family, turn off of the TV to play 60 minutes with friends or family, help prepare one of the healthy dinners that you planned with your family and take a walk are just a few.

we had a family fitness night at our school and we had a very good turnout. we had a former football player, different exercise stations set up and several nutrition setups available. our faculty, members of our community, and lots of students attended. i think everyone enjoyed it, i know i did.

This seems like a great idea. We could set up an edmondo account where families can send in pictures electronically and then we can possibly put together a video highlighting the family participation at a Family Fun Night.

I started a Fitness class at my school 4 years ago. Yesterday at Open House, I was blown away at how many parents ask if they could come to it and take it with their child. I thought was a great idea. I’m going to meet with administration and see if we could have a “bring a relative to class day.”

WE made a presentation to our parents about continuing healthy habits at home. We invite them to participate in Friday morning physical exercises.

I would like to do community nights every other month where families could come and use the equipment. I would like to purchase outdoor equipment to be used for the after-school activity program that we will be adding. I really want the kids to get involved outdoors and to find activities they can do forever, and with their families.

We have a teacher who comes in on Saturday and holds an open gym at the school where students and their families can come and play basketball, kickball and other games over the weekend.

We have a teacher who comes in on Saturdays and holds an open gym at the school where students and their families can come and play basketball, kickball and other games over the weekend.