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  • Work with a team of school nutrition professionals to determine what equipment you’ll need for the smoothie bar, as well as the best choices to offer. Ingredients might include low-fat or fat-free milk and yogurt, fresh or frozen fruits, 100 percent fruit juices and ice cubes.
  • Advertise the new smoothie bar by making morning announcements, putting up posters in the cafeteria, distributing flyers, placing an article in the school newsletter and using the school website. Provide students with information about how nutritious smoothies are.
  • Consider getting the community involved by requesting donations of food samples or smoothie-making equipment from local businesses.
  • Ask students to help suggest – and name – different smoothie recipes. Encourage students and friends to choose the smoothies as a delicious and nutritious dessert alternative.
This Play may help you meet the goals of the USDA's HealthierUS School Challenge!

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Build Your Own Shake-Up

At James Bowie Elementary, Dallas, Texas, our students love smoothies of any flavor. As an incentive to get more students to eat breakfast, we created a monthly breakfast incentive. Students are given a breakfast log which lists the days of the week and the log is stamped by cafeteria staff. Students that attend breakfast every day of the challenge receive a delicious smoothie which is made by student leaders who really enjoy learning how to prepare smoothies and the Program Advisor. This challenge has boosted our breakfast attendance, and students are healthier with smoothies made with all low-fat ingredients.

Did this in my health classes!! Loved it! had the girls create their own nutrition labels while creating smoothies.

The kids love it!! We started with the team submitting smoothie recipes and then narrowing it down to two of them. We then had a school wide taste test for the two smoothie recipe. Now, we (committee members) make and sell smoothies at lunch every other Friday. The students look forward to it. We are now looking at different types of smoothies.

We loved this! We will be doing this monthly at our school b/c the students keep asking for it. They also have copies of recipes and have been making them at home with their parents.

Our school a grant from the dairy council and the Swoop mascot came to entertain. The scholars had different smoothies combinations.

We started the Breakfast Club at the middle school and primarily offered "prepare yourself items" such as whole grain pancakes with a variety of toppings that the students chose themselves. Another favorite day was “make your own yogurt parfaits.” Participation increased 50% on these days!

Our students made over 1,100 yogurt parfaits. Approximately 300 students had a great time participating in making them, while promoting a healthy snack choice.