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  • With your principal and school nutrition professionals, plan a series of taste tests throughout the year. You might hold weekly or monthly tests that feature foods students need to consume more of, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat and fat-free dairy foods. The goal of this program is to have students try—and enjoy—foods that they’ve never tried before, including foods that are already offered in the school meals program and new choices that can be added to the menu.
  • Work with a team of students and school nutrition professionals to decide on a list of foods to include in taste tests. Obtain food samples from local stores, restaurants or farms.
  • Advertise the taste tests to your entire student body by putting up posters in high-traffic areas, making PA announcements, using the school website and distributing flyers.
  • During taste testing, provide students with nutrition information and trivia handouts. Ask classroom teachers to integrate nutrition education lessons on taste test days and to encourage participation. Use the Tools and Resources below to help provide information to students and teachers, including lesson plans and activities.
  • Ask students to provide feedback after the taste testing. They can fill out “comment cards” or take a printed survey. Work with your principal and school nutrition professionals to have foods students like added to the cafeteria menus if they are not already offered.

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Taste Test Days

We introduced three different food groups to the students in one! We let the students taste test parfaits...with yogurt, granola, and a variety of fruits. We have seen an increase in all three of these food groups within our cafeteria. A lot of students have expressed how these foods are now a steady part of their diets.

The students enjoyed being able to taste different types of fruits and veggies during their P.E. class. WIth so many saying they never had tasted some of the items, it felt good to open their eyes and taste buds to try different and new foods.

We held a dairy taste testing at our middle school. Working with a dietitian for healthy food choices. We served yogurts (Greek as well as organic), low fat cheeses, gluten free crackers, as well as different types of milk. Students liked some of the things and liked the idea of being able to try different things.

For a taste test we made Secret Smoothies. A blend of frozen bananas, strawberries, vanilla yogurt and spinach. We served them up at the PTA meeting. Towards the end of the meeting the students tasted the spinach in its natural form and they loved it.

we always have a blast with our taste test days, our apple crunch went great this year. Students sampled red, yellow and green apples and voted for which was their favorite flavor.

We have taste test days continuously at DVHS, Food Fridays have become apart of our Health Teachers curriculum, students sample healthy foods that they don't always eat at home like wheat bread, and grilled asparagus!

I love this play!! The kids love this play!! Students really enjoy trying new foods. They are always asking "When is the next Taste Test Thursday and what are we having??" We have had themed months including veggies, whole grains, dairy and fruits. We are currently taste testing a new yogurt parfait for grab and go breakfast!! The kids can't wait!!

We had a great time with our Taste Test days! At Jacobs Road Elementary School we sampled a different food group each week for 4 weeks. Our student leader team delivered the samples to each class and returned with a questionaire to see how the students liked each sample. The "squash - berry muffin" was their favorite! It was exciting the week we tried different cheese samples! The older students sampled 3 different cheeses, one being Pepper Jack. Let's just say it was good to have a water fountain nearby! The student were also introduced to Star fruit and Edamame. Everyone enjoyed trying new food items and it didn't take long to deliver or sample. We used part of our morning meeting time to discuss each food group and to taste the sample. Overall it was a great success and we would do it again!

Our students participated in a healthy snacking taste testing. Students were introduced to healthy snacks such as hummus,snow peas, multigrain crackers, cheese, and pistachios! Students were pleasantly suprised that they liked the healthy snacking options!

The PTO has helped with this event and it has been a great success as students are able to taste test fruits and vegetables that they normally do not have the opportunity to taste test.

We have been taste testing locally grown fruits and vegetables. In October we did apples and in November we are doing Radishes and multi colored carrots. All items are being added to our lunch menus.

We had a great taste test/treat at recess. Vanilla yogart, granola and blueberries. The children loved it. They benefited from the dairy, whole wheat and fruit.

I would like to use Funds to provide more taste test food items for the students to sample during their lunches. This program was so successful this past year and the students loved sampling nutritious foods. I know they would be elated to have other nutritious choices.

For the Healthy Eating Play, our student team would do taste testing activities with our district's nutritionist. They will be using these results to promote eating a healthy lunch. In addition to this, we would like to add doing food prep in the classroom with food we grow in the garden and/or the greenhouse. We would have small lunch groups to test foods we grow and possibly bring in a local chef to help with our food prep.

We held a blind-fold taste test where students were asked to identify the various flavors of milk, yogurt and puddings. Medals were given to the participants of both events.

When we have something new on the menu, we set up a taste test for the kids so they can give input on the flavor and whether or not they like it. We also have taste tests to try out new products that might be on the menu next year.