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  • Form a team including students, teachers, school leaders, parents, the principal and school nutrition professionals. Discuss a plan for moving vending machines in the school so that nutrient-rich food choices are offered in areas with more traffic. Also discuss how healthy food choices should be more visible (at eye level) in the vending machines, making them more likely to be noticed and selected. Less healthy choices can also be replaced with healthier options.
  • With your team, identify which machines should be moved, and to which location. Then identify which foods and beverages should be rearranged in the vending machines, and which foods you might replace with healthier options.
  • Consider surveying students, teachers and staff to ask them which healthy food options they’d like to see available in vending machines. Try to include as many of these choices as possible.
  • Use the Tools and Resources below to help with surveys and learn more about the benefits of this strategy.
  • After you’ve made changes to vending machine locations and contents, let the school know! Distribute flyers and put up posters that explain the changes and promote the healthier food choices.
This Play may help you meet the goals of the USDA's HealthierUS School Challenge!

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Vending Revamp

Great Play! All the kids enjoyed it.

Our new milk machine is a hit. Kids love having access to flavored milk options!

We have also eliminated all junk food and soda from vending machines. Our cook also provides a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

The Dairy Council vending machine was probably the best thing that has happened on campus. Students stand in line to purchase these healthy snacks. As already mentioned, we cannot keep it stocked! The snacks provide students with opportunities to make good food choices that boost energy while being tasty.