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  • Get inspired to make over your cafeteria, starting simply with the signs and menus! Look for ways you could improve your cafeteria’s signs and menus. Think about the colors, the type and size of font, the images used and where signs are placed. Then think about how you can change signs and menus to highlight the nutrient-rich food choices available in the cafeteria, such as the salad bar or the low-fat and fat-free dairy options.
  • Remember that your goal is to encourage students at your school to choose nutrient-rich foods. Provide information on your signs about why certain foods make healthier choices. Consult with your school nutrition professionals and health teachers as well as the Tools and Resources below for more advice and ideas.
  • With a group of volunteers, and the permission and advice of the principal and school nutrition manager, redesign the cafeteria’s signs and menus. You might even create new signs to place in certain areas.
  • Plan to have the signs installed over a weekend or school break, and then enjoy the positive reaction when school resumes!
This Play may help you meet the goals of the USDA's HealthierUS School Challenge!

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Menu Makeover

We did USDA's Healthier US School Challenge for our Elementary school, and the same menu fits the Middle school so we unofficially paraticipated in the USDA HealthierUS School Challenge as far as the School Lunch program goes. We went of the orange vegetable, legumes and we also offered fresh fruits everyday, and we still do. Next year we will offer both fresh vegetables and fresh fruits as a daily choice for students.

The cafeteria ladies were happy to work with us and help brighten up the cafeteria. Cute catchy bulletin boards were put up. Student posters and drawings of colorful fruits and vegetables were displayed. Arrangements of fruits and vegetables were displayed near the serving lines.


Art classes did nutrition posters and entered county contest, winning prizes. Posters decorate the building

Menu makeover was implemented by asking our lunch ladies to help us offer different choices for our lunch menu. Sample salads and soup is becoming a hit with the students.