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  • Work with school nutrition professionals to create a sampling of nutritious breakfast food options. Feature nutrient-rich foods, especially fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat or fat-free dairy foods.
  • Work with the principal to choose a convenient location for your taste tests—such as inside or outside the cafeteria, a lobby, outside the gym, outside the front doors or a courtyard.
  • Request healthy food samples from local grocery stores and businesses. Use the Tools and Resources below to help you plan and gain support from the school and community.
  • Spread the word about your taste tests. Put up posters in high-traffic areas, distribute flyers in classrooms, make morning announcements and advertise your program in the school newsletter and website.
  • During taste tests, pass out information about healthy eating. With the help of your school nutrition professionals, give out nutritional information about why the foods you offer can help them look and feel their best.
  • Ask classroom teachers to integrate nutrition education lessons on taste test days and to encourage participation. Use the resources below to help them.

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Taste Test Breakfast

Conrad Weiser Middle School had a Breakfast Taste & Vote of hot oatmeal! Students had a choice of hot oatmeal plain, with brown sugar or blueberries! 41 students in the cafe sampled and then voted, 32 students liked it and only 9 students did not. All students preferred having fruit or brown sugar added to the oatmeal. Many students liked my suggestion of adding frozen yogurt or low-fat ice cream to the oatmeal at home in the morning. (My favorite is butter pecan with maple and brown sugar oatmeal.) One student had never tried oatmeal before - and he loved it!

The students worked with the cafeteria manager to taste several different types of healthy breakfast foods to have every day during Breakfast in the Classroom!

Planned Taste Test Labs of various Breakfast Recipes: Short Order Homemade Waffles, Short Order French Toast and Omelets, Fruity Oatmeal, Turkey Bacon Breakfast Burritos, and Apple Oatmeal Pancakes. Students evaluation results: Best Liked: Turkey Bacon Breakfast Burritos Least Liked: Fruity Oatmeal Students will continue to Taste Test Healthy Breakfast Recipes.

I really like this idea and we hope to do it with the Milk Moustache introduction

We enjoyed this play and the students had a lot of fun!

We had alot of fun with this play, students were very excited to sample the different breakfest items and were happy that they were not hungrey in the morning!!

We used our grant funds to purchase healthy breakfast options that the students could taste test. We had a simple survey developed that the children to complete as they tried the foods. It was optional with alternative options for students with allergies. It is important to have the school nurse help with this activity.

This is a great way for kids to get to try foods that they might get in their homes.

Very ingenius and thought provoking. I like this idea.

We do the taste test for new items. Might be interesting to offer it to students who eat outside and bring own lunches to school to motivate them to buy healthy meals.

The breakfast alternatives that we provided also gave the students chance to try some new foods. Both the fruit kabobs and the yogurt parfaits were eaten eagerly. Students would be happy to see them return to the school menu.

We wanted to implement a grab-n-go breakfast for middle school students because we know many students don't eat breakfast, or too often make unhealthy choices. So, we worked with our food service ladies and they helped us provide taste testing for students. Students were able to taste test foods and choose what would be included in the grab-n-go breakfasts. This has been a huge hit with the students.