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Set up quick and easy meals students can grab on their way into school or in between morning classes.


Grab-and-go is a proven, cost-effective and fun way to get more on-the-go students to eat breakfast.


  • Huddle up with the School Nutrition Manager/staff (like those who work in your cafeteria) to help with food choices and preparation; the Principal to give your plan a thumbs up; Students to help with food choices and how to serve up breakfast.
  • Pick a location. Consider locations where students tend to meet in the morning, such as the front hall, outside the library or gym, outside the front doors or near the bus loop.
  • Plan your menu. Work with your School Nutrition Professionals to create a menu of delicious and nutrient-rich breakfast choices. Offer conveniently packed and easy-to-grab foods that include low-fat or fat-free dairy foods, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Consider polling students about what they would grab on the go, or simply test a few ideas to see what works.
  • Get organized: Brainstorm design ideas for your Grab-and-Go Breakfast station. Is it a table? A cart on wheels? A refrigerated station? Recruit a local grocery store, farm or restaurant that may be willing to provide donations. Consider packaging your meals in colorful, fun school mascot- or team-themed containers to boost interest. Include a “what’s inside” note highlighting the nutrition in your meals.
  • Get the word out: Create posters to put up in high-traffic areas (such as hallways and classrooms), distribute flyers in classrooms and advertise your program during morning announcements. Get the word out on your school’s website, blog or in your school’s eNewsletter.
This Play may help you meet the goals of the USDA's HealthierUS School Challenge!

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Breakfast - Grab and Go!

This Play is a great way to have all students get a healthy meal!

This is a great Play. Our school has increased breakfast by doubling the number of students eating!

Our breakfast count has gone up because we offer this at our school!

Students at our school who may be running late in the morning can easily swing by our cafeteria and pick up a bag with breakfast in it to go! They can eat it during snack time or whenever their teacher lets them. This has increased our breakfast consumption and we believe it helps with their school attentiveness! We call them breakfast bags and they are great!

this made our breakfast count jump up!!!! students like a cold breakfast. they now have 2 lines, hot and cold. i get more students in and out quickly.

the 3rd,4th,5th and 6th graders come to the cafe as soon as they get off the bus,the grab a clear bag and put in their milk and sporkeet and the choice fruit or juice then they grab their breakfast item(their is two choices to choose from)they the go to class and eat and then the 1st and 2nd graders come down.this works out great because the student still gets choices and they don't miss any class time.

the students really enjoy the grab and go breakfast. the students chose the menu and even the ones eating in the cafeteria choose the grab and go items instead of what is on the regular line-up.

We hosted a three day event called KMS NFL Play 60 Breakfast Taste Challenge. Each of the three days we handed out different breakfast foods that our students may or may not have access to in their homes and in our cafeteria. We puchased 450 greek yogurts with 10 different flavors for the first day. Day two consisted of 450 fresh fruit cups and dried fruit in easy hand out pouches, and day three was our bagel bar with 6 different types of bagel from Panera Bread. We handed out 500 bagels in 30 minutes before school. Each day was a huge success and the staff and adminstration was very involved. We did a survey at the end and rated the students favorite choices for each day. The results will help the cafeteria manager with adding these new items to our morning breakfast options for our students.

We are increasing the number of students that are eating a healthy breakfast while also being able to move with our Walk It Club and Open Gym in the mornings.

grab and go is a hit at our school. breakfast count has improved

Fantastic! We offer a Grab and Go Breakfast for the first half hour after school starts. Students who have missed breakfast come to the Health Office and can get a sack breakfast. We also have whole grain breakfast bars and fresh fruit for students to eat until one hour before lunch in the health office. Approximately thirty five students benefitted from this program in one month.

Great idea, especially for late busses. Problem is finding correct site to distribute meals (safety issue). Would like to re-establish the program in the fall of 2012

We implmented this play and it is working great!! Everyone is on board from the county nutrional professionals to the administrators adn the studnets! We purchased a cart in our school colors and the first day we ran out of food because there was such a large amount of studnets interested! We are trying different things to help with organization and even had the student body fill out a survey of foods they would like to see!

My school does not supply Breakfast. One week completed Grab and Go Breakfast in March.(great)

Students were a major force in this process. They selected the breakfast alternatives to be presented to their classmates, made advertisements to promote them and then helped prepare them.

Once a month we have an advisory group meeting, and breakfast is provided by students who bring in healthy choices for a “fast breakfast” menu.

We plan to order two big ticket items with Funds. We will order a Fuel Up to Play “quick serve line” table. This will allow us to be mobile with our taste testing and our breakfast items. We will be able to serve food items anywhere due its mobility, and we feel this gives us a tremendous opportunity to continue to change lives through nutrition.

Our school cook provides breakfast in a brown bag to students who come in late that they can eat in class.

We provided some breakfast alternatives for students several times during the year – fruit kabobs and yogurt parfaits. All were prepared by our students and our advisors.

Students are able to come to the cafeteria in the mornings and pick up a to-go breakfast to take to their classroom when they are late for school. This way, they get breakfast and are not late for class.