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November 2010

This eNewsletter is a companion to the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, designed to help you manage and guide students as they lead the way toward school wellness!

Program Advisors Win Fuel Up to Play 60 Activation Rewards

Philadelphia Teacher wins first Program Advisor Spotlight Reward
Fifty-one Fuel Up to Play 60 Program Advisors across the country will soon receive one-hundred dollar gift cards to the new Fuel Up to Play 60 Store, in the first round of Activation Reward drawings for this school year. And one lucky Program Advisor, Atuwfa Muhammad from the James G. Blaine Elementary School in Philadelphia, will receive a gift card for $500! Read about how Atuwfa is working with students and colleagues to activate Fuel Up to Play 60 in her school.

To qualify for the monthly Activation Rewards drawing, schools must have at least one adult signed up as a Fuel Up to Play 60 Program Advisor, and the school must have activated its program. Here are just a few of the ways a school can activate Fuel Up to Play 60:

Program Updates

  • No Internet? No email? No problem!
    Any adult in a school can now download information to help students without Internet access take advantage of everything Fuel Up to Play 60 has to offer. Learn more.
  • Increased Access for Students
    Students can now access the Student section of FuelUpToPlay60.com without parent or personal email addresses. They'll have full use of the site, with the exception of the Challenge entries. Challenges are uploaded, via the student Dashboard, into the Fuel Up to Play 60 Channel on SchoolTube, and will still require both a personal and a parental email address. (Adults can also upload Challenges on behalf of students via their Dashboards.)
  • Upcoming deadlines:
    November 15: Last day for students to apply to be a local Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador.
    November 24: Last day for students to submit entries into the Recipe Challenge!
    December 1: Next deadline to apply for up to $3,000 in Funds for Fuel Up to Play 60

Has your school completed any Six Steps Milestones to earn rewards? Log in to your Dashboard to find out!

Curious about what your students see on their Dashboards and the Student area on FuelUpToPlay60.com? This new Student Site Snapshot shows it all.

Activate Students

Students Respond to Kickoff Challenge

Thousands responded to last month’s Fuel Up to Play 60 Kickoff Challenge, submitting fun videos, photos and more through their online Dashboards! You, too, can see the entries, learn about the current Fuel Up Recipe Challenge, and even upload a Challenge entry on behalf of your students-through your online Dashboard.

When a student (or adult) uploads a Challenge entry, all students in the school can download a special digital badge and a downloadable reward. AND the school may win additional rewards from their local Dairy Council, or be featured in a national eNews!

Log in to your Dashboard now to see Kickoff Challenge entries, including Kickoff assemblies, a Grab and Go Breakfast line, and a student team's "Fuel Up News" video.

Activate Educators

The Fuel Up to Play 60 Training Center now includes a CEU Center, where adults can earn continuing education credits through Fuel Up to Play 60 partners! School Nutrition Association credits are available now; stay tuned for more, coming soon!

The Training Center also includes short videos to walk Program Advisors and student teams through every step of Fuel Up to Play 60. Videos can be viewed online, or downloaded.

Plays of the Month

Hundreds of schools applied for up to $3,000 in Funds for Fuel Up to Play 60 during the first round of funding. See how schools are using their Funds, and be sure to get your application in before the second funding deadline, December 1.

NFL Corner

Physical Educators know first-hand what a difference physical fitness can make in a child, and they are stepping up in large numbers to become Fuel Up to Play 60 Program Advisors.

Now, NFL Network is looking for those life-changing PE teachers leading the fight against childhood obesity. Do you know one?

The NFL will award the NFL Network PE Teacher of the Year a $10,000 stipend, a $10,000 school companion PE grant and a trip to the NFL Draft. The NFL Network PE Teacher of the Year will also act as a spokesperson for the program in 2011, both at Keep Gym in School events and with the media.

NFL believes that every student should have the opportunity to participate in quality physical education. As part of the Keep Gym in School mission, NFL seeks to increase access to in-school physical activity and to teach skills needed to establish and sustain healthy lifestyles. The PE Teacher of the Year award recognizes the role of educators in achieving that mission.

Individuals may nominate one PE teacher between now and January 31, 2011 for PE Teacher of the Year; nominations are only accepted online at keepgyminschool.com and must be received no later than 8:00 PM EST on January 31, 2011.

NFL Network will distribute grant applications to all nominated teachers on approximately February 4, 2011. Applications must be completed and returned to NFL Network by February 25, 2011. The application will only be provided to those teachers who are nominated.

NFL Teacher of the Year You've Got Mail!

Have you checked your Dashboard Message Center yet? You may have important mail about rewards and funding opportunities! To see your Dashboard, just enter your email address and password.

Recipes For Healthy Kids Competition

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), along with First Lady Michelle Obama, announces the Recipes for Healthy Kids competition, with a submission deadline of December 30, 2010. USDA challenges teams of school nutrition professionals, chefs, students, parents and community members to develop creative, nutritious, tasty and kid-approved recipes that schools can easily incorporate into National School Lunch menus.

Chefs will provide culinary expertise, school nutrition professionals will share insight as to what can be accomplished in a school setting, and kids and parents will make sure that students will choose these nutritious items in school and beyond. Winning recipes will increase student’s intake of whole grains, dark green and orange vegetables, and dry beans and peas.

Winners will receive cash prizes, national recognition, and a chance to prepare their recipes alongside White House chefs at a national cook-off. Teams can form today and the competition is open through December 30, 2010.  Full information is available at www.RecipesForKidsChallenge.com.

Fitter Students Show Heftier Brains

Two recent studies from the University of Illinois found that fitter children have larger, more developed regions of the brain, which contribute to their higher scores on standardized exams. When researchers evaluated the MRI scans of 9- and 10-year-olds with similar socioeconomic backgrounds and body mass indexes, they found that fitter children had larger basal ganglia and hippocampi, indicating greater complex memory and executive control functions.
See more at: Science Daily and New York Times

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