Survey the Field

School Wellness Investigation

Investigate your school's wellness environment!

The School Wellness Investigation is a "before" and "after" tool that will help you and your students set goals and measure your school's progress. It is designed to empower students to collect information about the current nutrition and physical activity environment in their school — and identify opportunities to make it even better.

Working on the School Wellness Investigation is a great learning and leadership opportunity for students! Adults should provide guidance and input results into the School Wellness Investigation tool, but students should collect the data.

Completing the School Wellness Investigation is one step along the way to applying for amazing funding opportunities available to Fuel Up to Play 60 schools.

NEW FOR 2014-2015: When you complete the School Wellness Investigation, it will provide you with a customized list of Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Plays that will help your school reach its wellness goals!

Check out Fuel Up to Play 60's Survey & Polling Tools to help you involve students and further investigate your school’s opportunities to improve its wellness environment!