Funding Opportunities for Fuel Up to Play 60

How Do We Apply for Funds for Fuel Up to Play 60?
Funds for Fuel Up to Play 60 are competitive and awarded based on the quality of your application. To have the best shot at funding, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve thought carefully about how you’ll implement Fuel Up to Play 60 at your school and that you’ve filled out the application correctly. This page gives you the resources to do just that.

Application Worksheet

  California Applicants - Please Read

Planning Questions

Before you complete the downloadable application worksheet, you’ll find it helpful to identity existing resources and pinpoint areas where Funds for Fuel Up to Play 60 might help fill the gaps.

Identify existing resources.

  • What resources does your school already have that you can use for free? You might be surprised at the valuable resources that are available for the asking – meeting and event space, computer access and communication methods (e.g., school announcements, newsletters, newspapers and websites). Be sure to ask your principal or school administration if there are any additional resources you can use.
  • How can your school nutrition staff help? If these staff members are not already part of your team, introduce yourself and the Fuel Up to Play 60 program. Find out how you can work together to make the program a success. Remember that these folks are very knowledgeable about nutrition and that they can serve a variety of roles in the program, from helping to plan the Healthy Eating Plays to speaking to students, families and community members.

Pinpoint areas where Funds for Fuel Up to Play 60 might help fill the gaps.

  • What will you do to spread the word about your activities, and how much will that cost? Will you have to pay for printing and copying? Will you need to buy paper or posterboard? Find out whether any areas in your school or community have materials that can be recycled and used for your purposes.
  • Can you find adults to volunteer to work with you and your students – or will you need to pay for some of that time? People in your school and community really do care about being healthy. Find out if there are people who can volunteer their time. Visit Who Can Help and How for resources that can help you identify and recruit volunteers. The experience of helping you with this program may be just what some people are looking for – but sometimes you’ll need to pay for someone’s time.
  • What equipment will you need? Will you borrow it or purchase it?As you work out the details of your plan, think about any equipment you’ll need. Is it equipment you’ll use over and over again (like a milk cooler or a football)? Or is it equipment that will get used up and need to be repurchased (like paper cups and napkins)? Can you get someone in your community to donate the materials you need – or will you need to purchase the equipment?
  • Do you need to reward students for participation? A pat on the back is nice, but some situations require a little something more. As you consider whether you’ll need to provide awards or giveaways as part of your program, make sure they are tied to very specific outcomes. Awards or giveaways should drive actions, not simply be something nice to have.
  • How will you know it’s working? No matter what your team is working on, it’s important to measure change so that you know if your program is working. We want you to have something to celebrate at the end of the school year! Think about ways to track your team’s progress – surveys, polls or other data collection can be useful ways to assess the changes you’ve made. Will you need to pay someone to help you gather or analyze this information?

Application Worksheet

Download and complete this application worksheet. It will help you and your Fuel Up to Play 60 team think about and prepare your funding application. As you work through the application worksheet, you’ll find it helpful to have a printed copy of the application form at hand so that you can begin filling in your answers. California Applicants - Please Read


When you’ve gathered all the necessary material, apply for funds for Fuel Up to Play 60!