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The Power to Influence
West Fargo High School has been an active Fuel Up to Play school for the last four years. We have done a number of plays to spread the word about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. Recently, a student was mentally, socially and e ...

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My first Half Marathon!
I have never in my life thought I would run a half marathon. I mean come on, that is 13.1 miles. When I heard people do that my thought was "they are crazy"! I have done several 5K's and that was fine for me. I am not a runner by any me ...

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Hudson Middle School (Hudson, WI)
Healthy Lunch Selfie with Jordy
Students wanted to encourage building a healthy lunch that included a fruit/vegetable and dairy item along with an entree. The activity allowed students to take and post a selfie taken with Jordy (lifesize cut out) showing their lunch tray if they ha ...

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Hillside Elementary School (Ashburn, VA)
Hillside's Choose MyPlate Activity
One or our goals was to help our students make better choices about what they are eating. We introduced Choose MyPlate to the students in PE class using a variety of media. First graders completed MyPlate posters (purchased from Oriental Trading) to ...

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Hebron Valley Elementary (Carrollton, TX)
HVE Healthy Eating Challenge
Students wrote down what they ate during a 21-day period. Healthy food choices were discussed in class. Students were excited to talk about and name the fruits and vegetables they ate. Several students led the announcements, talking about the 21-day ...

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North Hall Middle School (Gainesville, GA)
Meatless Mondays in March for North Hall Middle
In language arts, we were assigned to find a problem in the world that needed fixing. The problem we chose was poor nutrition, obesity, and meat intake. Meatless Monday is an attempt to educate people about being fit and seeing the advantages of eati ...

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Kennedy Junior High School (IL)
Students Sled into Success
Playing 60 means something different to everyone! Student Ambassadors had a goal in mind and wanted to execute it quickly before it melted away! With all the snow we had in the Chicago land area, Ambassadors decided they wanted to go sledding for PE! ...

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Roosevelt Elementary School (Morrisville, PA)
Super Duper Bowl
We received the flag football prize from FUTP 60 and started using it in our school's own Super Duper Bowl games, where the five 5th grade classes play flag football against each other at recess in order to make it to the Super Duper Bowl held in ...

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Heritage Elementary (Highland Village, TX)
For the past 12 years, Heritage Elementary has had an annual Jog-A-Thon for students, families and the community. The Jog-A-Thon is an event where the students jog to the music in the field at the school to earn money for the school or some other wor ...

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Sandymount Elementary (Finksburg, MD)
Workout Video
Our students did not like indoor recess during snow days and rainy days, so they came up with an idea of creating a workout video for the school to watch in their classrooms during indoor recess days. Students are getting physical activity during ind ...

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Blanton Elementary School (Arlington, TX)
I wanted to get as many students involved as possible, so I started a competition based off of who gained the most points. I also offered prizes to the top Point earners. The students wanted to be more proactive in decorating the school to support Fu ...

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Highland Village Elementary (Highland Village, TX)
Parfait Day!
Our parfait day was a BIG hit! I found it a bit intimidating at first. We originally thought is was 4-5 and then found out we had to do every student. Of course we had the challenge of allergies and students not wanting to be brave and try something ...

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John G Carlisle Elementary School (Covington, KY)
Grab and Go
Our goal was to ensure that ALL students were eating breakfast daily. The students that come in at 7:45 have to go to their classroom without eating breakfast. I have met with our principal and our district-wide nutrition services coordinator to ensu ...

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Bridgewater Elementary School (Northfield, MN)
Great Things are Happening
What a success of developing a Play from this year's Plays. We were able to buy equipment and use it outside with our new playground. Here at Bridgewater we have seen participation on the new playground move up a whole 50%. In addition, students ...

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William B. Ward Elementary School (New Rochelle, NY)
Wellness at Ward
This was our first year participating in Fuel Up to Play 60. Our Kickoff event focused on the importance of eating a healthy breakfast daily and how your body feels when poor food choices/no breakfast is eaten. Students gathered in the gym and partic ...

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Bonner Springs Elementary School (KS)
Reach for 60 Challenge
We started a Reach for 60 Challenge for February, March, and April at our school. For each month, students and staff are encouraged to log their miles/hours of physical activity. Each individual's goal is to reach 60 miles. At the the end of the ...

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Acequia Elementary School (Rupert, ID)
Acequia Elementary Let's Dance
We implemented Zumba in our PE classes this year. Our goal was to increase our physical activity in a fun way. I used the Wii Zumba to implement the Play. The students are more involved overall in PE and are more physically active. At first the stude ...

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Sunset Valley Elementary School (Lees Summit, MO)
Garden Start Up at SVE
The students have been working in the community garden to start raising items to taste test and also serve during lunch. This has been a great hands-on experience for them. The pictures attached show them putting together their greenhouse to get thei ...

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Woodland Elementary School (Lees Summit, MO)
Mr. Carrot Leads Taste Testing at WLE
We wanted to provide a new and unique way to conduct our taste testing, so we purchased a carrot suit and a banana suit. These can also be used for various themes and events in the cafeteria. Our Play is highlighting/spotlighting fruits and veggies. ...

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Pleasant Lea Elementary School (Lees Summit, MO)
Self-Serve Bars
We chose this Play and started brainstorming with the students about what they would like to see offered. They came up with salad bar, pancake bar, burger bar, pasta bar, and a yogurt bar (for breakfast). We purchased the needed pans, tongs, bottles, ...

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Central Elementary School (Seagoville, TX)
A Hero's Breakfast
We provided a breakfast for the heroes in our community and asked them to help us spread the word about the importance of starting the day off with a healthy breakfast. Students really look up to police officers, firemen, and teachers, so by them com ...

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Moody High School (Corpus Christi, TX)
100 Mile Club
I started the 100 Mile Club and tied it in with the walk across Texas. I started in December right before our winter break. I wanted students to keep exercising during the break. We divided the team to challenge each other to keep running. I wil ...

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Menomonie Middle School (Menomonie, WI)
Open the Doors
Our weight room is not open after school, and many students were requesting this and asking us if they could use it. With the help of Funds money, I found a staff member that opened the weight room on Mondays and Wednesdays after school. I paid him a ...

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Northeast High School (Philadelphia, PA)
After nearly a year of planning, with the assistance of grant money from Fuel Up to Play 60, the Northeast High School Wellness Club started scooping breakfast parfaits at "The Wellness Corner" in the school cafeteria. The student-run corne ...

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Collins High School (Shelbyville, KY)
Breakfast Sucess with Smoothies
Through a grant, we purchased a large capacity commercial blender. We implemented a smoothie program in an effort to increase breakfast participation. We offer smoothies in five flavors every day, selling over 150 on many days. Breakfast participatio ...

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Syracuse Latin School (Syracuse, NY)
Syracuse Latin's Enrichment Cluster Taste Test
I have a Fuel Up to Play 60 grant to implement a variety of taste tests for my students. My goal was to expose a small group of kindergarteners and first graders to healthy foods with a rainbow of colors. I surveyed the students about what six foods ...

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Oltman Middle School (MN)
Oltman Expands Access to Healthy Snacks
We applied and received Funds for Fuel Up to Play 60 and were able to purchase a cooler for the health office. This cooler has made it easier for students to access healthy snacks throughout the day such as milk. Through the grant writing process and ...

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Ronald Reagan Elementary
We were able to earn funds to start the 2014-2015 school year. With those funds we were able to purchase Yoga mats for our students along with material for our Champions Club at Reagan. The funds were extremely helpful with us being able to integrate ...

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Hays-Porter Student Ambassadors motivates Teachers
It started with our State Ambassador going around to the different class rooms and promoting school breakfast and in class activity breaks. He was also encouraging more teachers to get involved, as far as changing their eating habits, being active da ...

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Taste Test
As part of the funds received we purchased some fruits and veggies for the students to taste test. Some of the kids have never had something as simple as fresh pineapple or fresh pears. Here is the list of fruits and veggies the students tried: Asian ...

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It's a three peat, Mispillion Elementary earns Touchdown School Award through Fuel Up To Play 60 program three years in a row!
With lots of support from ten Program Advisors, Teachers, Students, Staff, Administrators, School Nutrition Department and the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association we were able to achieve our goal of helping our student body eat healthy and move more. Our ...

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Granville Middle School (Granville, OH)
Granville Middle School is Fueling Up to Play 60
The GMS Family, Career and Community Leaders of America wrote and received a Fuel Up to Play 60 grant for $3,800.00 to encourage to eat breakfast,  provide students with ideas for nutritious and fast breakfast foods and to increase students' ...

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