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Saint Matthew School (Bellevue, NE)
Presidents Physical Fitness Test
As a school, grades 2-8  took the FitnessGram test. The goal was to have each student just try it out. Each class practiced the events throughout the year in our class warmups, usually in stations. I am tracking their yearly progr ...

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Wilson Elementary School (Corpus Christi, TX)
Year of Health
I started the year out with the goal to get my student to be more active and make healthy food choices. Since starting the FUTP 60 program, my students are more aware of what they eat and drink. They are also more active, not only in P.E. class, but ...

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Cedar Park Elementary Stem School (Apple Valley, MN)
Bike/Walk to School Day
Principal and student leaders led the walk. All buses dropped off students half a mile from school. Teachers and students walked/biked the course before entering the school. Students were refreshed and ready for state tests. More children are now par ...

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Gracemor Elementary School (Kansas City, MO)
My First Half Marathon!
I never in my life thought I would run a half marathon. I mean, come on, that is 13.1 miles. When I heard people do that, my thought was "They are crazy!" I have done several 5Ks and that was fine for me. I am not a runner by any means and ...

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Oak Park Elementary School (Aurora, IL)
Oak Park Fuels Up for Greatness
To promote the Fuel Greatness Breakfast Campaign, the student team decided to have a school contest for a family school breakfast. The team created a poster for the National Breakfast Day/Fuel Greatness Campaign. That week we sent out flyers to each ...

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West Fargo High School (West Fargo, ND)
The Power to Influence
West Fargo High School has been an active Fuel Up to Play school for the last four years. We have done a number of Plays to spread the word about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. Recently, a student was mentally, socially and e ...

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Cather Elementary School (Chicago, IL)
Curl-Up Competition
We had a curl-up competition. The red team competed against the blue team to see which team could complete the maximum number of curl-ups in a specific amount of time (5 minutes or 10 minutes). The students who scored the highest were rewarded.In 100 ...

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Carver Jr. High School (Spartanburg, SC)
Nutrition Lessons in the Classroom
One of Carver Middle School food service department's goals this year was to connect with the classrooms. At the district's summer meeting, Chartwells K-12 (the district's food service provider) held a workshop on how to incorporate nutri ...

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Jonathan Jennings School 109 (Indianaopolis, IN)
Fitness Trail and the Flying Jayhawks Running Club
Students have committed themselves to improve their times and run more races throughout the year. We wanted to improve the fitness trail on the school property and increase community access. The changes the Jayhawks have put forth is team unity. The ...

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Starr Detroit Academy (Harper Woods, MI)
Getting Great Foods for our Fellow Students
The Student Leadership Team went to our food provider (Edibes Rex) to lobby for fresh fruits and vegetables for the rest of the school. Soon, fresh fruits were available to the students at least four times a week compared to two. The SLT gathered inf ...

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Greenwood Elementary School (Chesterfield, MI)
Healthy Field Day
For one of our stations at field day, I had a group of high school students help with leading a lesson on healthy eating and talk about fruits and veggies that are the colors of the rainbow. They put a color of each into the blender and mixed it up f ...

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Bradley Elementary School (El Paso, TX)
Omar Bradley's 1st Annual 5-Star 5K run/walk
Our school decided to host our 1st Annual 5K run/walk to raise money to buy our students their End of the Year Awards. This school has been a struggle since we did not have a PTA, who normally would purchase these awards for our students. So, we got ...

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Bannockburn Elementary School (Bannockburn, IL)
Play 60 Challenge
Bannockburn School was lucky enough to be selected to take part in the four-week Chicago Bears Play 60 Challenge. We tried to exercise as much as we could at school while also recording more exercise minutes at home. In addition to our daily PE and 2 ...

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Posen Consolidated High School (Posen, MI)
Girls on the Run at Posen
We implemented a Girls on the Run program in our school, and a teacher and parent ran the program. The girls are more positive and are interested in physical activity. The girls in the school participated in a 10-week program to build self-esteem thr ...

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Abrams Elementary School (Bessemer, AL)
Student Stands Out at Abrams
At the beginning of the year, our school had a Kickoff for the program. Students were excited, but fell off with the online participation. Then we got the word that one of our students was working on their dashboard daily to become a State Ambassador ...

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Glenbard North High School (Carol Stream, IL)
Workout Wednesdays
One year ago I was inspired by a group of young ladies to start a workout club. We were then given Funds through the Fuel Up to Play 60 grant to begin our club in the 2014-2015 school year. My students who have been active in the club have seen weigh ...

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Weyauwega Elementary (WI)
This year we continued with our school-wide mileage club program. The biggest difference this year was that our FUTP 60 students took the lead. They were responsible for tracking all students' mileage (K-5) for eight weeks and allowing those stud ...

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Alternative Learning Center - Rochester (Kasson, MN)
100 Mile Club
Our goal was to encourage students to run, walk, or jog 100 miles over a school year. We started off introducing our students to this concept during physical education class. We would have students walk one mile during the beginning of the hour. Then ...

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Elk Meadow Elementary School (Bend, OR)
5,000 Miles Away From Home
​With the support of FUTP 60, we started the year with the goal to get more involvement in our recess running club, and we have made great progress. As one way to increase motivation, we have been mapping our progress across the United States on a ...

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Bonham Elementary School (El Paso, TX)
Bonham Wellness Wednesdays
At Bonham Elementary, I wanted to get the parents involved, as well as the faculty and staff, to join their child during PE time to help promote a healthy lifestyle not only at school but at home. In order for me to have a successful Wellness Wednesd ...

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Cannon County School District (Woodbury, TN)
Cannon County After-School Walking Clubs
Through FUTP 60 Funds, two Cannon County elementary schools initiated after-school walking clubs. Both clubs meet twice a week and walk for a total of 45 minutes, with a healthy and nutritious snack provided for students. Students earned incentives f ...

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Cole Academy (Lansing, MI)
Cole Academy Taste Testing
This was the first year Cole Academy implemented the Fuel Up to Play 60 program. Our group of 5th and 6th graders used their role as leaders in the school to promote healthy eating and physical activity by encouraging peers to be active on recess, at ...

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Covington Elementary School (Covington, WA)
Students Keep "Track" of their Fitness
Covington Elementary students are keeping "track" of their fitness. Our school joined the 100 Mile Club. Students can walk, jog, or run the track every morning before school. On Fridays, students can earn charms, footies, for their shoe lac ...

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Duff Elementary School (Arlington, TX)
Duff's Runner's Club
We began a Runner's Club at our school that was to meet once a week after school and the students would run for 20 minutes with their friends and parents. We gave out applications to all of our students in grades 1-6. It's been great to watch ...

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Elcan-King Elementary School (Bainbridge, GA)
Green Smoothies
Whenever one mentions eating something green, the response is usually unpleasant. Most kids say, "Eww!" My goal was to get EVERYONE to taste a green smoothie!...And love it! I started with doing a health lesson on the five food groups. I al ...

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Greenwood Elementary School (St. Clair Shores, MI)
Jump Rope
We started our Physical Activity Play by having a jump rope team come to our school to present in February. They were fabulous, they did several different routines and were very upbeat, which definitely got the students really fired up. After they pr ...

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Centerfield Elementary School (Crestwood, KY)
Centerfield Fuels Up with Breakfast Smoothies!
Thanks to inspiration from the Southeast Dairy Association, our school's Advisory Health Committee received a grant from Fuel Up to Play 60 to purchase a commercial smoothie machine for our school. We kicked off the new breakfast smoothie program ...

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Inman Middle School (Atlanta, GA)
Enjoying the Fruits (and vegetables) of Their Labor
The school nutrition club, Inman EATS, provided smoothie parties to the Homeroom of the Month. The HR of the Month had the highest rate of attendance for that particular month. The usual prize for HR of the month was either Krispy Kreme doughnuts or ...

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H. E. Corley Elementary School (Irmo, SC)
H.E. Corely Wins District's First Healthy Lifestyles Challenge!
School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties is committed to improving the nutritional outcomes of its students and the community it serves. After having received Fuel Up to Play 60 Funds this spring, the Office of Student Nutrition placed ...

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Oakview Elementary School (Stoneboro, PA)
Oakview's Cafeteria Overhaul
The student team captains got together and brainstormed what we would like to do with our Funds. Our old, outdated, boring and drab cafeteria got the go-ahead for an overhaul! I talked to our art teacher to get her on board with painting the cafeteri ...

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Gregory Math & Science Academy Elementary School (IL)
Skate for Success
We wanted to get the students motivated to take the NWEA assessment, so we paired it with a health and wellness activity to give our students another option for physical activity. We contacted Skatetime and booked a skating party for our students for ...

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Heritage Elementary School (Olathe, KS)
Using Funds
Our school district received a large grant to be used for equipment. We decided to share that equally among all the participating FUTP 60 schools. With my part of the grant money, I purchased more scooters so that each child in a class could use one. ...

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Ridgewood Elementary School (Hilliard, OH)
How Far Can Ridgewood Go?
As part of the Fuel Up to Play 60 Playbook, we at Ridgewood Elementary School identified the "Walk to Wellness" Play for our grant. We challenged the students to see how many miles the school could collectively walk, simply by wearing pedom ...

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Greenville Jr. High School (Greenville, IL)
Nutrition/Fitness at Greenville Jr. High
Because of Fuel Up to Play 60 funding, we were able to purchase the equipment we needed to design a fitness unit. We were also able to put in a healthy snack machine that allowed students to make healthy choices. Because of this, my students were abl ...

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Indian Trail Middle School (Olathe, KS)
Olathe Hometown Grant
Our school didn't start with a goal because we didn't know we were getting the Funds until a presentation was made at one of our schools. We then began to think about how we could best utilize the Funds. Our coordinator asked each school if t ...

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Havencroft Elementary School (Olathe, KS)
Olathe Hometown Grant Plays at Havencroft
I was able to purchase many different types of equipment for students to use in my PE classes, through the Fuel Up to Play 60 Olathe Hometown Grant. The students have been able to use this equipment to improve their physical fitness and overall welln ...

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