The Playbook: Physical Activity

All the Right Moves

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Create a series of motivating, dance-related activities to use in daily routines and for ongoing special events and assemblies. A variety of ideas are promoted, including dance-a-thons, dance/walk activities and leveraging technology such as DDR, Kinect and HopSports to motivate students and adults to get moving in fun and engaging ways.

Dance Around the World

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Dance! It’s a popular and fun way to get active while having a long-term impact on wellness. In this Play, students take the lead to incorporate a variety of dance options in a dance club before or after school. As students encourage regular and long-term physical activity through dance, they will learn about other cultures and explore current, popular dances – and dances their parents and teachers like.

In-Class Physical Activity Breaks

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Take a break for fitness – right in your classroom! Physical activity breaks during the school day help keep students motivated and ready to learn. This Play is all about adding brief, focused, in-class breaks for physical activity that won’t disrupt your class. Students help to plan, lead, participate in – and ramp up teacher enthusiasm for – your school’s physical activity breaks! To add to the excitement, kick off this Play with the NFL Play 60 Challenge!

Make Your Case for Quality Physical Education!

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P.E. encourages lifelong fitness! Create an awareness campaign to make sure your school has a quality physical education program—including P.E. every day that works for every student. Using resources from the Presidential Youth Fitness Program, this Play can help you help your school to get there!

Walk for Wellness Club

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Plan or improve an existing school-based walking club that will help instill lifelong physical activity habits. This Play offers fun, new approaches to get students and the entire community moving together! Walk for Wellness Club suggests approaches that include a “Walk to the Stadium” – where students show off their spirit while they walk the distance from school to the local NFL team’s stadium – and the winner of the 2012-13 Fuel Up to Play 60 Create Your Own Play contest!