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After-School Fun Fitness Activities

Use Action for Healthy Kids’ Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge After School: Fun Fitness Activities to create easy-to-implement fitness activities that can be modified to fit the number of participating students and the availability of equipment

  • Visit Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge: After School: Fun Fitness Activities.
  • Look for a suitable location to set up the After School: Fun Fitness Activities with your school physical education team and principal.
  • Work with the physical education team to set up the activities you are interested in pursuing. Set up all the activities to run as stations on a special after-school fitness day, or use the activities individually on different days — whatever is most appropriate for your after-school program.
  • Select the best days and times for the activities, and arrange a schedule for who will set up and supervise them.
  • Publicize the benefits of using the activities. Use the information and ideas in Tools and Resources below to help you get your message out.
  • Get teachers to volunteer to take their classes through the activities, if they are available during the day, as part of a special physical activity break.
  • Consider hosting a kickoff event using the Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge Course to help students (and adults) learn about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity— and to get students exposed to the idea of going station to station.

Everyone Can:

  • Help select the activities and their location
  • Organize set-up and take-down of the activities on designated days and times
  • Publicize the existence of the activities and encourage teachers and students to participate
  • Make posters and flyers announcing the activities
  • Organize the kickoff event
  • Encourage their friends and classmates to be physically active and track their choices
  • Keep It Going:

    • Arrange a schedule for activities throughout the school year.
The Charlotte Elementary School sponsored a Family Night Gym and Swim at the Charlotte Aquatic Center. We gave out many prizes: "got milk?" footballs, Fuel Up to Play 60 gym bags and T-Shirts. Everyone had a great time and got in 60 minutes of exercise!
This play has worked great for us. I am really encouraged by the teachers and community members willing to get involved. We have introduced, bootcamp, kickboxing, yoga and Zumba to our students. I think next year we are going to continue this throughout the year!!


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Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge: After-School Fun Fitness Activities

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