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Raise the [Food] Bar!

Work with your School Nutrition Director to create some fun healthy eating promotions designed to expose students to nutrient-rich foods they might not otherwise try.

  • Use the Polling & Survey Tools at to find out what foods students have or haven’t tried that could be offered in one of the promotional bars.
  • Hold a meeting of students and Program Advisor(s) with the school nutrition staff to find out which of the foods could be featured.
  • Work with your local community organizations or businesses to get donations of different foods to try.
  • Here are some fun ideas to feature:
    • Pizza Bar—offer toppings for cheese pizza, with whole grain crust and low-fat or fat-free cheese, that students can add, such as jalapenos, black olives, extra low-fat or fat-free cheese, hot sauce, peppers, fresh tomatoes, pineapple or cooked chicken, etc. Investigate and offer fresh prepared and/or delivered pizza options and have students vote for their favorites; based on success, include as a meal item with the potential for increased meal participation. Offer pizza with low-fat and fat-free cheese as a breakfast item. Kids love pizza at any meal!
    • Super Salad Bar—offer cherry tomatoes, broccoli, a variety of low-fat and fat-free cheese types and forms (cubed, shredded), jalapenos, nuts, etc.
    • Pro Potato Bar—offer a variety of low-fat and fat-free cheeses, broccoli, chives, nuts, low-fat or fat-free plain yogurt mixed with spices, etc.
    • Tasty Taco Bar—offer lettuce, tomato, low-fat and fat-free cheese, hot sauce, salsa, low-fat sour cream, jalapenos, etc.  Try mixing plain low-fat or fat-free yogurt with salsa for a new type of topping!
    • Yogurt Bar—set up a bar with a few flavors of low-fat and fat-free yogurt with toppings like fruit, whole grain granola, nuts, raisins, etc.

Everyone Can:

  • Help plan Raise the [Food] Bar offerings
  • Obtain food donations from local stores
  • Create and conduct polls
  • Share nutrition information with students
  • Share poll results with the school
  • Work with school nutrition personnel to get popular choices added to the menu

Keep It Going:

  • Conduct polls after each monthly promotion to find out which bars are most popular. Then work with the school nutrition staff to see about making one or more of them a permanent option on the school menu.
  • Feature a different promotional “bar” once every month, and highlight the nutritional value of the foods offered.


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