The 2014-2015 Playbook

Brownsburg West Middle School Doubles Its Breakfast Participation!

Play: Breakfast - Grab and Go!

Breakfast - Grab and Go!

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Breakfast in the Classroom

Image for Breakfast in the Classroom Breakfast in the Classroom

Plan and implement a nutritious breakfast program with help from school nutrition professionals by delivering reimbursable meals to classrooms for students to enjoy before or after class.

Grab and Go - Anytime!

Image for Grab and Go - Anytime! Grab and Go - Anytime!

Grab and Go is not just for breakfast anymore! Set up quick and easy meals to grab on the way in to school or in between morning classes for breakfast, to speed up the cafeteria lines during lunch, or after school for a pre-game pick-me-up or a take-home nutrient-rich meal.

Healthy Breakfast, Healthy Lunch-BAR NONE

Image for Healthy Breakfast, Healthy Lunch-BAR NONE Healthy Breakfast, Healthy Lunch-BAR NONE

Work with school nutrition staff and administrators to create salad-bar-style breakfast and lunch meals. Select delicious, healthy options for your bar. Incorporating popular taste tests, this Play is focused on creating sustainable change to school menus.

Promoting Healthful Choices

Image for Promoting Healthful Choices Promoting Healthful Choices

This Play was developed in collaboration with the Cornell University Smarter Lunchrooms Movement- and these are ideas that have been shown to work! This Play highlights simple techniques that can change and improve behavior when it comes to making better food choices.

Snack Smarter at School

Image for Snack Smarter at School Snack Smarter at School

Form a team of "Snack Smart Student Investigators" and utilize a "School Snacking Investigation" to identify snack and a la carte foods offered in school and then make sure they are the most nutritious offerings possible. Special thanks to the Kids' Safe & Healthful Foods Project for their input on this Play and the School Snacking Investigation.

Community Playtime - It's Good for Everyone

Image for Community Playtime - It's Good for Everyone Community Playtime - It's Good for Everyone

Survey peers about physical activity opportunities they would enjoy outside of regular school hours. This Play was developed in collaboration with the Safe Routes to School National Partnership and focuses on active engagement of community - including students' families, local businesses and local sports teams/leagues.

In-Class Physical Activity Breaks

Image for In-Class Physical Activity Breaks In-Class Physical Activity Breaks

Add brief, focused, in-class breaks for physical activity. Plan, lead and participate in - as well as ramp up teacher enthusiasm - for physical activity breaks that won't disrupt class. This Play is co-branded with the NFL Play 60 Challenge.

Let's Dance!

Image for Let's Dance! Let's Dance!

Set up a series of fun dance activities - or start a dance club - at your school. Implement daily activities, weekly or other special events that bring your community together to dance and have fun!

Ramp Up for Recess

Image for Ramp Up for Recess Ramp Up for Recess

Recess isn't just playtime - it's student time. Investigate ways to make recess more engaging and active, while still maintaining the integrity of a "break." Ideas include ways to improve the playground's physical environment as well as its social environment.

Walk for Wellness Club

Image for Walk for Wellness Club Walk for Wellness Club

Start a walking club to get students, teachers, administrators and the community to make walking part of their day - every day! This Play was developed in collaboration with the Safe Routes to School National Partnership.

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Thanks to the many contributors who provided valuable guidance and critical review of the 2013-14 Playbook.