What is a Kickoff?

A Kickoff is a school-wide event to introduce Fuel Up to Play 60 at your school. It can be whatever you want to make it! The goal: get students – and others in your community – excited and motivated to make healthy, lasting changes!

An event like this can also help you get people interested in this year’s Campaigns, give them information about how healthy eating and physical activity can help students learn better, and create a school-wide sense of the really positive effects that are possible with Fuel Up to Play 60.

The categories of Kickoff and Promotion Plays below will give you some ideas about how to kick off the Campaigns – and Fuel Up to Play 60 – at your school!

After Kickoff, check out other ideas in the Playbook to keep the excitement going all year long!


Let's Get Going

These are the big, high-profile kickoff events. These strategies include school-wide events, like pep rallies, field days, a "suit up your school" promotion and more.

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Firing Up Your School

The ideas in this set build awareness of the benefits that making smart, healthy choices have on the body. "Fire up" activities include contests, clubs and school-wide drawings for positive change.

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Spreading the Word

These strategies help get information about Fuel Up to Play 60 out to the school and surrounding community. There are ideas for pulling in parents, local news media, guest speakers and more.

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