Six Steps

There are Six Steps to help you implement Fuel Up to Play 60 in your school. You can follow them in order – or you can start anywhere that makes sense for your school. Use the Six Steps to take action for healthy change!

1. Join the League

Get the word out that you're a Fuel Up to Play 60 school. Get others involved.

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2. Build Teams and Draft Players

Strong teams have both student and adult members. Enlist the support of colleagues, and engage as many students as possible.

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3. Kickoff

Build visibility and excitement! Hold an event to get your school started. Learn about healthy promotions you can do all year.

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Game Plan Wheel - Six Actions
4. Survey the Field

Know your school. Use the School Wellness Investigation to learn where best to focus your efforts for your school.

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5. Game Time

Take action for change. Use the interactive Playbook to choose from dozens of Plays or strategies for healthy eating and physical activity.

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6. Light Up the Scoreboard

Share your successes! Report on your school’s Campaign participation, and get inspired on the Fuel Up to Play 60 Success Stories page!

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Fuel Up to Play 60 Interactive Timeline

Use this Interactive timeline to help you organize all Six Steps - or start with just one or two!

Create your own Fuel Up to Play 60 Timeline