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Lecanto Primary School (FL)
Lecanto Primary Is Fueling Up to Play 60

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Oakwood Manor Elementary School (Kansas City, MO)
100 Mile Club
We started our very own "Oakwood Manor Running Club." Our goal was to run 100 miles collectively as a team! On Wednesdays and Fridays we went outside on the playground and ran laps. After completing one lap the student received a pop sickle ...

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Grove Junior High School (Elk Grove Village, IL)
Community Fuel Up to Play 60 Spooktacular!
I met with the principal and staff and picked an evening for the event. I held a meeting with the student ambassadors and I told them about the next event we were having. The students and I organized the theme, sports, stations and costume contest. I ...

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Crooms Academy Of Information Technology (Sanford, FL)
Crooms AoIT FUTP60 Kickoff!
Our school ambassador represents the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so we decided to kickoff our programs on National Talk like a Pirate day! Our Student Leadership Team Hosted a Milk Mustache booth at lunches on Friday to raise awareness of the health benefi ...

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Cedar Riverside Community School (Minneapolis, MN)
Everyone Loves a Parade
At Cedar Riverside Community School in Minnesota, the Boys and Girls Leadership teams were the first to enroll in Fuel Up to Play 60. Their goal was to spread the word around school to all students and parents about Fuel Up to Play 60 and that is exactly what they did!

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Lux Middle School (Lincoln, NE)
Fuel Up Curriciulum Night at Lux
We held a kick off night for Fuel Up in combination with a curriculum night for families. More students and families are aware of the program and have signed up to track healthy eating an physical activity progress on-line. Students helped organize t ...

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Noble Elementary School (Golden Valley, MN)
Fuel Up to Play 60 Bootcamp 1 - October 2014
Our student team members organized and put on a "Fuel Up to Play 60" Bootcamp for all students at Noble Elementary to participate in. The student team members came up with the ideas/games for each of the 10 stations. Some of the team member ...

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John G Carlisle Elementary School (Covington, KY)
This year we have started to implement FUTP60 at our school, John G Carlisle Elementary. In October 2014, I attended the FUTP60 KickOff at Paul Brown Stadium where I learned many valuable aspects of the program to start at my school. We have students ...

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Buchanan Elementary School (Huron, SD)
FUTP60 Kick Off: Celebrating Football Friday
The Physical Education teachers at Buchanan Elementary School wanted the whole school to participate in Football Friday, so they planned the activity and all teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff supervised and participated in Football Friday.

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Summit Pointe Elementary School (Lees Summit, MO)
Get Into The Game With Summit Pointe Elementary
Summit Pointe Elementary School in Missouri recently created our their play by celebrating National School Lunch Week. We wanted to get the whole student body involved, as well as the the High School that our students will be attending. 

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Holman Elementary School (Berkely, MO)
Holman Elementary is Fueling Up to Play 60
The fall of 2014 for the Fergusson florissant school district did not start well with all of the protests and violent riots in the area. What our school district has been able to overcome this fall has been amazing. Our school is focusing on many thi ...

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St Joseph-All Saints Academy (Saint Joseph, MN)
All Saints Academy students investigate raised beds
Kindergarten grew plants and recorded what was needed. 1st grade grew plants with varying amounts of water to see what amount would be optimal. 2nd grade varied the amount of sunlight to see what amount would be best. 3rd grade varied the soil types ...

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Bannockburn Elem School (Bannockburn, IL)
Bannockburn Dash for Community Playtime
For community playtime, our team planned the 1 mile Bannockburn Dash to be run this past Saturday! We had around 100 total students and family members meet at the park located near our school to run the 1 mile course. Healthy snacks including granola ...

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Montclair School Of Academics (Denver, CO)
Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes......
I cannot thank our dairy farmers, Western Dairy, and the Denver Broncos enough for the FUTP program. I've been at Montclair for 1 year and 9 weeks and the changes we've made to improve Health and Wellness at our school through the guidance of ...

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Ridgeview Elementary School (Olathe, KS)
Checking Out Breakfast in the Classroom at Ridgeview!
We have had breakfast in the classroom for the past few years now, and had a special group outside of the school come and visit during our breakfast time. They received a tour led by staff, discussing and viewing the process that takes place each mor ...

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Walt Disney Elementary School (Omaha, NE)
Disney Students are Fueling Up with Breakfast
We started doing a Grab and Go Breakfast at our school with the help of a Fuel Up to Play 60 Grant. We are lucky to have an empty classroom this year that we use. Students come in and grab their breakfast and then go eat in their classroom. This year ...

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Sappington Elementary (St. Louis, MO, MO)
Flyer Fitness Morning Program at Sappington
We wanted to offer a free program for students to exercise in the morning. We gathered a team of teachers. Each teacher specializes in certain areas. We have a kickboxing instructor, crossfit leader, a yoga instructor, a runner, a PE teacher and an o ...

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Briarwood Elementary School (Olathe, KS)
Grab and Go Breakfast
Student ambassadors made signs about importance of eating breakfast. We displayed them in our cafeteria where the students eat breakfast. It gives them something to read while eating their breakfast. The students eating breakfast have commented on ho ...

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William Brown Elementary School (Chicago, IL)
Kids Try Edamame for the First Time!
Students sampled edamame with their gym teacher for the first time! The teacher's goal was to introduce healthy foods to students. I have seen the students more open to trying new foods, even typically "gross" vegetables. 22/22 students ...

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Maxwell School (Maxwell, NE)
Morning Walk at Maxwell
Our elementary children walk each morning before school. Once they reach a milestone, they are given coupons to trade in at the school snack bar. They choose from healthy whole-grain snacks or bottlesof water. They are excited about walking in the mo ...

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Valley Park Middle (Valley Park, MO)
Kinecting with Friends at Lunch at Valley Park
Valley Park Middle School's (VPMS) theme this year is "Connecting with Character." As a way to get students actively engaged in physical activity at lunch, especially on rainy and/or bad weather days, VPMS Character Fitness Team started ...

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Highland Park Elementary School (Lees Summit, MO)
Students Taking the Lead with Quality PE at Highland Park
I had obtained a FUTP 60 grant last school year with the help of a district FUTP 60 coach. This money was used to purchase new items for my PE classes. I received hula hoops, silts cups and pogo sticks, just to name a few. The students have realized ...

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Hungerford Elementary School (Maitland, FL)
Kids Learning Through Exercise
Using FUTP60 funds, we purchased GeoMotion mats. We placed them in our physical activity room where they are used daily. The GeoMotion mats not only give us an opportunity to incorporate learning into physical activity, but they have helped with clas ...

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Hooper Ave Elementary (Toms River, NJ)
Students at Hooper Avenue Elementary School in Toms River recently were awarded a Flag Football Kit!

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Cheyenne Elementary School (Peoria, AZ)
Re-think Your Drink
To promote "Making Healthy Choices," Cheyenne students participated in a "Re-think Your Drink" taste test during lunch. Cheyenne's Program Advisor learned about this activity at a recent a training sponsored by the Dairy Counc ...

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