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Missouri City Middle (TX)
Thank You, Fuel Up to Play 60!
We at Missouri City Middle School just want to thank everyone at Fuel to Play 60 for all that you all do. As a team we have learned so much from your program. Individually we have each taken learned information and and have applied it to becoming h ...

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Abbott Middle School (Elgin, IL)
It's All About Teamwork!
Three years ago I started Fuel Up to Play 60 at Abbott. I teach math, so for me to implement Healthy Eating Plays and helping students get 60 minutes of being active every day was tough. I have a true passion for being healthy and being active. I l ...

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Edinbrook Elem School (Brooklyn Park, MN)
Vikings Game
I was able to take one of my students to the Minnesota Vikings game on Sunday, December 1. We were given this opportunity through the Midwest Dairy Council due to our success this fall with our Fuel Up to Play 60 program implementation. This studen ...

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Lamar Elementary School (Lamar, AR)
Program Advisor Represents Fuel Up to Play 60 at National Senior Games
I was chosen to be the Arkansas Program Advisor of the Year for the second year in a row. I wore my Fuel Up to Play 60 shirt when I received my gold medal for the l ...

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Joanna-Woodson Elementary (SC)
Hard Work and Dedication Pays Off!
I started with a personal goal to lose sixy pounds and hoped that this would motivate others. As I was working hard and making progress on my goal my students and the community were able to see the results of my dedication. My kids were learning with me along the way about healthy food choices. Two of my Fuel Up to Play 60 team members are students and they encouraged me everyday to workout and even worked out with me! If I made a bad food choice they were quick to tell me that was not on my diet and I shouldn't be eating food that was bad for me. The students could see that when I ate healthy foods the results were good and that I had a lot more energy to focus on what was important. 

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Coolidge Elementary School (Lansing, IL)
Challenge Your Goals
I ran the mile with my students in PE this year. Once we had our times, we ran the mile again to try to beat our previous time. Everyone beat their original time! During their first attempt, many students ran until they were so tired they had to walk. During our second attempt, many students ran with me.

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Corryville Catholic (Cincinnati, OH)
Ambassador MiCayla Pitts Joins Cincinnati Bengals Michael Johnson at Training Camp!
On Tuesday, September 24, 2013, Cincinnati Bengals partnered with American Dairy Association Mideast to host a Program Advisor Training Camp for Fuel Up to Play 60 at Paul Brown Stadium – with over 100 teachers from 50 southern Ohio area scho ...

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Mendon-Upton School District (MA)
District Superintendent’s Blog Is a Win-Win!
How can you share your school’s successes locally -- and motivate students to Fuel Up to Play 60? Recognize educators making a difference in your school? Blog it!

Check out this blog from the superintendent of the Mendon-Upton Regional School District in Massachusetts! Superintendent Joseph Maruszczak recently wrote about New England Patriots’ All-Pro Safety Devin McCourty’s visit to Clough School, where he shared some inspirational thoughts

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Bowie Elementary School (Dallas, TX)
Sharon Foster Selected as 2013 Healthy School Program Ambassador for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation
With help from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, an organization founded by the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity and its healthy schools program, Fuel Up to Play 60 Program A ...

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Handley Elementary School (Saginaw, MI)
Brain Breaks
We first started by polling the teachers about how often they give their students a break during the day. We then went over the research about brain breaks and the benefits to students. Some of the teachers were skeptical at first but were willing ...

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Chouteau Elementary (Kansas City, MO)
Fitness Club
I started an after-school fitness club with a goal of getting 40 students to participate. I put up signs, talked about it my students and sent home parent letters. We ended up with 120 students! We have seen an improvement in attendance and behavio ...

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Horn Elementary (Bellaiare, TX)
My Experience at Jump Rope for Heart
We participated in a Jump Rope for Heart Program with all K-5 students They are excited about promoting the health benefits of physical fitness, and they are more excited about being physically active They independently raised over $6,000 in suppor ...

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Zavalla H S (Zavalla, TX)
Pack The Track
We hosted a community wide "Pack The Track." We set a goal to surpass the number of miles walked at the event the previous year. Students and community are more aware of the school track being available after school for exercise. Students ...

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Walnut Grove Elementary School (Olather, KS)
Walnut Grove Explorers Get Active During Recess
We set up activity zones during recess for all grades levels. We had five different activity stations that the students participated in over the course of three weeks. Our goal was to get the students active during recess time. We reached that goal ...

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Golightly Education Center (MI)
Golightly Education Center Fuels Up to Play 60
Our team's goal was to get our students and their families up and exercising at least three days a week, have them focus on healthy eating choices and to attend several evening Get Up, Get Up and Exercise and Healthy Eating Events. I have seen ...

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Vesper Community Academy (Vesper, WI)
Away Game 3experiece Winner & Student Surpasses 20,000 Points
My goal was to get more students involved in the program beyond signing up. I wanted to get the students more excited about the special events the program runs. And this year we had to major achievements as well. We had a student win the away game ...

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Edward D. Neill Elementary School (Burnsville, MN)
Fabulous Kickoff
For our Fuel Up to Play 60 Kickoff this year, we had a Fun(d) Run. It had a two-fold result. First,we used it as a fund raiser to replace a fund raiser where people ordered unhealthy food from a catalog. The kids got donations of money and we earne ...

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Monongah Elementary School (WV)
Monongah Elementary ROARS with Exercise & Dance
We have been challenged to be more active and have fun doing it after attending Fuel Up to Play 60 events. Students and families attend an after-school family fitness night where everyone participates in being active. Also, the entire student body ...

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Ridge-Brook Elementary School (Parma, OH)
Number of Students Eating Breakfast Go Up
Our goal was to improve the number of students attending breakfast. So that the students create a habit of eating breakfast everyday which would improve their health and learning. We began our goal by creating a theme for each week (Easter week, St ...

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Zavalla El (Zavalla, TX)
Pack The Track
We hosted a community-wide "Pack The Track." We set a goal to surpass the number of miles walked at the event the previous year. Students and community are more aware of the school track being available after school for exercise. Students ...

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Badger Elementary (Appleton, WI)
Breakfast with Heroes
We had an event called "Breakfast with Heroes." Local firefighters and police officers came to our school to serve breakfast to our students, parents and staff members. We had 10% more students that normal attend breakfast that morning. S ...

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Frank Rushton Elementary School (Kansas City, KS)
Frank Rushton Is Big On Breakfast
Our goal was to improve participation in breakfast at our school. We did this through daily announcements.  The committee members made a breakfast video and teachers were to show it in class, and we gave a breakfast survey. The survey didn' ...

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Frank Rushton Elementary School (Kansas City, KS)
Franks Rushton Mighty Brain Breaks
We promoted the need and benefits of brain breaks using a fun interactive website. Classes are now using Go Noodle and other forms of brain breaks in their classrooms. The committee gave a presentation to the teachers at a staff meeting. They all h ...

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Greenbriar Middle School (Parma, OH)
Greenbriar's Success Story
Our main goal was to raise the numbers of how many kids go eat breakfast at Greenbriar in the morning. Every morning for two weeks we went to Greenbriar during breakfast and talked to kids to influence them to come to school every morning to eat br ...

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Crosswind Elementary School (Collierville, TN)
New Teacher Fuels Up and Teams Up!
I am a young, new physical education teacher this year. So naturally I wanted to get involved with a program that promotes daily physical activity, as well as healthy choices. My goal was to become a Program Advisor for my school's Fuel Up to P ...

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Garfield Elementary School (Kansas City, MO)
Garfield Eagles Soar into Breakfast
Our student team was busy this year promoting breakfast at our school. They made promotional posters that were prominately displayed outside the cafeteria and in high traffic areas. They also help write morning annoucements that were delivered twic ...

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Garfield Elementary School (Kansas City, MO)
Garfield Goes Bananas for Brain Breaks
Our goal was to get more classrooms involved with brain breaks. Our team made a promotional video about the benefits of brain breaks and this was sent to all of the staff. We promoted the online website Gonoodle.com as an easy and fun way to incoro ...

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Oakridge Elementary School (Oklahoma City, OK)
Oakridge Elementary Stars Walking Club
At Oakridge have a walking club that participates in our local OKC Memorial Kids Marathon. The students must complete 25 miles between January and April. Then, on April 27, we will all walk the last 1.2 miles in downtown OKC to complete a full mara ...

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Frances Wakeland Elementary School (Bradenton, FL)
WESIS Students Becoming Lifelong Learners
Our students created a student body "Runners/Walkers Club" with a goal of 12,000 miles for the school year 2013-2014. The students come out before school five days a week on their on time and walk and run to "get movin" and wake ...

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Sawgrass Springs Middle School (Coral Springs, FL)
Taste Test - The Yogurt Wars at Sawgrass Springs
Using funds from Fuel Up to Play 60, students participated in a yogurt taste test comparing Greek yogurt to traditional yogurt. Our goal was to compare health and taste. After taste testing and completing the survey, the majority of student found t ...

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Wekiva Elementary School (Longwood, FL)
Using Funds to Teach About Healthy Foods at Wekiva
I used funds from last year to purchase some nutrition games. The games were different and fun for the children. Their interest was piqued in a subject that is sometimes hard to get them excited about. My students were not turned off by the idea of ...

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Bradford Elementary School (Pueblo, CO)
Bradford's Parfait Day
When we applied for the Fuel Up to Play 60 healthy eating grant, we wanted to provide parfaits for each student and teacher in our school. The purpose of this was to introduce the students to something new and healthy. At lunch, each student was gi ...

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Carillon Elementary School (FL)
Thanks to funding from Fuel up to Play 60 the past two years, we have been able to increase the number of stations for our Dance Dance Revolution room. These extra stations provide more individualized practice for our students. I use these stations ...

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Moundsville Middle School (Moundsville, WV)
Intramurals Rock at MMS
We started a before-school and lunchtime intramural program this year at MMS. Students now receive an additional 45 minutes of activity choices daily, which is a tremendous improvement! The students love getting to move and winning prizes too. Over ...

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McBrayer Elementary School (KY)
Healthier Start to The Day
Our breakfast numbers have been slowly decreasing so this year we used our Funds to provide a Grab and Go Breakfast along with fruit parfaits. Students are loving the fruit parfaits. They ask for them daily! Not many studnets are gven the oppurtuni ...

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Harper Creek Middle School (Battle Creek, MI)
Harper Creek's March Madness Classroom Breakfast
The team started with a goal of increasing the number of students eating breakfast. A second goal was to plan and implement a day to serve breakfast in the classroom to all students and staff. A March Madness theme was chosen by the team. We also have been hosting breakfast Smoothie Wednesdays. Our school of 900 students averages 100-115 school breakfasts daily. On March 24th the entire school and staff enjoyed breakfast in their classrooms. Prizes were placed in random bags along with eleven tickets. Students with a ticket won a small basketball and hoop. The grand prize winner received a March Madness Healthy Snack Basket and an NCAA basketball. 

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Oak Hill Elementary (Oak Hill, OH)
Active Acorns Field Trip
The Oak Hill Elementary Active Acorn Fitness Club recently took a field trip to the Southern Ohio Medical Center LIFE Center in Portsmouth, Ohio. LIFE Center trainers demonstrated a variety of fitness activities for the students and provided opport ...

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Superior Hills Elementary School (Marquette, MI)
Fruit and Veggie Art
Throughout the year, we've utilized Fuel Up to Play 60 Funds and materials to teach students about the importance of eating dairy, fruits and vegetables. Students were asked to make a piece of artwork using fresh fruit and veggies at home. They then photographed their art, and either emailed it to our foodservice director, or printed it themselves and brought it in to school. Students were told to eat their artwork after photographing it! Then, all the pictures submitted were displayed on a bulletin board in the cafeteria. Students have become much more receptive to eating fresh fruits throughout the year, and this activity furthered that inclination. Students are requesting fresh fruit at lunch, and when it's offered, they are eating it all up, instead of having lots left over, as there used to be.

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North Park Elementary (Hyde Park, NY)
Family Fitness Night Continues!
We received a Fuel Up to Play 60 Grant during the 2011-2012 school year. We used the money to create our first-ever Family Fitness Night. I have always wanted to host a Family Fitness Night, and Fuel Up to Play 60 provided us with the funds necessa ...

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